Mini Habits

Smaller Habits, Bigger Results

  • AuthorStephen Guise
  • NameMini Habits
  • PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Date publishedDecember 22, 2013
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The Five Big Ideas
  • 1.“Doing a little bit is infinitely bigger and better than doing nothing (mathematically and practically speaking)”.
  • 2.“Doing a little bit every day has a greater impact than doing a lot on one day”.
  • 3.“We’re quick to blame ourselves for lack of progress, but slow to blame our strategies”.
  • 4.“When you invest in yourself in key areas like fitness and learning, you tend to do it in other areas too”.
  • 5.“When you add good habits into your life, it illuminates another possible path, restores your confidence, and gives you hope”.
8 Small Steps to Big Change
  • Choose Your Mini Habits & Habit Plan
  • Use The Why Drill On Each Mini Habit
  • Define Your Habit Cues
  • Create Your Reward Plan
  • Write Everything Down
  • Think Small
  • Meet Your Schedule & Drop High Expectations
  • Watch For Signs Of Habit, But Be Careful Not to Jump the Gun
I've used the Mini Habits strategy to get into the best shape of my life, read 10x more books, and write 4x as many words. It started from requiring one push-up from myself every day. How ridiculous is that? Not so ridiculous when you consider the science of the brain, habits, and willpower. The Mini Habits system works because it's how our brains are designed to change.I relished the opportunity to share this life-changing strategy with the world. I loved writing Mini Habits. Read it now and discover how smaller habits can bring bigger results.
Stephen Guise
Stephen Guise

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